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Italian Baby Boy Names

Italian Baby Name Generator

Unique Italian Boy Names & Meanings


Gabriele (Warrior of God)  

Gaetano (From Caieta)

Gaspare (Treasure bearer)

Gasparo (Treasure bearer)

Gastone (From Gascony)

Gavino (Of Gabium)

Gennaro (January)

Gerardo (Spear strong)  

Germano (From Germany)

Geronimo (Holy name)

Gervasio (Spear servant)

Giacinto (Hyacinth flower)

Giacobbe (Supplanter)  

Giambattista (God is gracious)

Giampaolo (God is gracious)

Giancarlo (God is gracious, Man)

Gianfranco (God is gracious, Free)

Gianluca (God is gracious, From Lucania)

Gianluigi (God is gracious, Famous warrior)

Gianmarco (God is gracious, Defence)

Gianmaria (God is gracious, Rebellious)

Gianni (God is gracious)

Giannino (God is gracious)

Gianpaolo (God is gracious, Small)  

Gianpiero (God is gracious, Rock)

Gino (Little immortal one)

Gioachino (Jehovah raises up)

Giordano (Flowing down)

Giorgino (Little earth worker, Farmer)

Giorgio (Earth worker, Farmer)  

Giosue (God is salvation)

Giovanni (God is gracious)  

Giraldo (Spear ruler)

Girolamo (Holy name)

Giuliano (Descended from Jupiter)  

Giulio (Descended from Jupiter)

Giuseppe (God shall add another son)  

Giustino (Fair, Just)  

Goffredo (God's peace)

Graziano (Pleasing, agreeable)

Gregario (Watchful, Vigilant)

Gualtiero (Ruler of the army)

Guerino (Cover, Shelter)

Guglielmo (Will-helmet)

Guido (Wide)

Gustavo (Meditation staff)


Hadrian (From Hadria)

Hieronomo (Holy name)

Horace (Timekeeper)

Horatio (Timekeeper)

Horry (Timekeeper)


Ignacio (Fiery)

Ignazio (Fiery)  

Ilario (Cheerful)

Innocenzio (Innocent)

Ippolito (Horse freer)

Isaia (God is salvation)

Italo (Of Italy)


Jacopo (Supplanter)

Jenoa (Knee)

Jenoah (Knee)

Jeovanni (God is gracious)

Jiordano (Descend, Flow down)

Jiovanni (God is gracious)

Jovanni (God is gracious)


Kajetan (From Gaeta)

Kalanidhi (Receptacle of the moon crescent)

Kara (Friend)

Kosmo (Order, Universe)


Ladislao (Rules with Glory)

Ladislas (Rules with Glory)

Lando (Territory, Land)  

Lanfranco (Free man in his country)

Lanz (Land)

Lanzo (Land)

Larenz (Laurel)

Larenzo (Laurel)

Lauro (Laurel)

Lazzaro (My God has helped)

Leandro (Lion man)

Leobardo (Lion strong)

Leonardo (Lion hearted)  

Leone (Lion)

Leonzio (Lion like)

Leopoldo (Bold man)

Liberatore (Liberator)

Liborio (Free)

Lino (Flax)

Livio (Bluish)

Lodovico (Famous warrior)

Lorenz (Laurel)

Lorenzo (From the place of the laurel trees)  

Loretto (Crowned with Laurel)

Loris (From the place of the laurel trees)

Lothario (Loud warrior)

Lotterio (Loud warrior)

Luca (From Lucania)  

Lucan (Light)

Lucca (Light)

Luciano (Light)

Lucio (Light)  

Ludano (Light)

Ludo (Light)

Ludovico (Famous warrior)  

Luigi (Famous warrior)

Luigino (Famous warrior)

Luka (Light)

Lukah (Light)


Macario (Blessed)

Maceo (Gift from God)

Manfredo (Man of peace)

Manlio (Morning)

Marcellino (Defence, Of the sea)

Marcello (Defence, Of the sea)  

Marcelo (Defence, Of the sea)

Marchello (Defence, Of the sea)

Marciano (Warlike)

Marcio (From the God Mars)

Marco (Defence, Of the sea)  

Marcoantonio (Combination of Mark + Anthony)

Mariano (Male, virile)

Marino (Sailor)

Mario (Male, virile)

Markanthony (Combination of Mark + Anthony)

Marsalis (Warlike)

Martino (From the God Mars)  

Marzio (Defence, Of the sea)

Masaccio (Twin)

Maso (Twin)

Massimiliano (The greatest)

Massimo (The greatest)  

Matteo (Gift from God)  

Mattia (Gift from God)  

Maurizio (Dark skinned, Moor)  

Mauro (Dark skinned, Moor)

Maximiliano (The greatest)

Maximino (The greatest)

Maximo (The greatest)

Melchiorre (King of light)

Meo (Son of Talmai)

Michel (God like)

Michelangelo (Combination of Michel + Angelo)

Michele (God like)  

Modesto (Moderate, Sober)

Montae (Mountain)

Montay (Mountain)

Monte (Mountain)

Montel (Mountain)

Montes (Mountain)

Montez (Mountain)

Montrel (Mountain)

Montrell (Mountain)

Montrelle (Drawn out)

Mosé (Drawn out)

Mozart (Breathless)

Mylon (From Milan)


Naldo (Short form of name ending with -naldo)

Napoleone (Lion of Naples)

Narciso (Numbness, sleep)

Nari (Cheerful)

Nario (Cheerful)

Natanaele (Given of God)

Nazario (Of Nazareth)

Nerio (Wet one)

Nero (Wise Warrior)

Nestore (Homecoming)

Nevio (Spotted)

Niccoló (Victor of the people)

Nico (Victor of the people)

Nicodemo (Victor of the people)

Nicola (Victor of the people)  

Nicoli (Victor of the people)

Nicoló (Victor of the people)

Nicomedo (Victor of the people)

Nicostrato (Victory army)

Nino (God is gracious)

Nunzio (Announces)


Octavius (Born eighth)

Onofrio (Defender of the peace)

Orazio (Prayer)  

Orfeo (Deprived, Darkness)

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Orland (Famous land)

Orlando (Famous land)

Orlondo (Famous land)

Orsino (Bear like)

Orso (Bear)

Osvaldo (Divine power)

Otello (Wealthy)

Othello (Wealthy)

Otón (Wealthy)

Otoniel (Wealthy)

Ottaviano (Born eighth)

Ottavio (Born eighth)

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Paco (Pack)

Paolo (Little)  

Pascal (Easter baby)

Pasquale (Easter baby)

Patrizio (Noble, Patrician)  

Peppe (God will add)

Piero (Small rock)

Pietro (Stone)  

Pio (Pious)

Pippino (He adds)

Primeiro (Born first)

Primo (Born first)


Quirino (Men together)


Rafaele (God has healed)

Rafaello (God has healed)

Raimondo (Wise protector)  

Rainieri (Counsellor)

Ranieri (Wise warrior)

Raniero (Wise warrior)

Raphael (God has healed)

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Raul (Wise wolf)

Remigio (Oarsman)

Remo (Oar, swift)

Renato (Reborn)

Renzo (Of Laurentum)

Reperto (Bright fame)

Ric (Strong ruler)

Ricardo (Strong ruler)

Riccardo (Strong ruler)  

Ricciardo (Strong ruler)

Ricco (Strong ruler)

Rico (Strong ruler)

Rigo (Ridge)

Rinaldo (Wise power)

Rino (Short form for name ending in -rino)

Roberto (Bright fame)  

Rocco (Rest, Rock)

Rodolfo (Famous wolf)

Rodrigo (Famous ruler)

Roma (From Rome)

Romano (From Rome)

Romario (Citizen of Rome)

Romello (Citizen of Rome)

Romelo (Citizen of Rome)

Romeo (Citizen of Rome)

Romero (Citizen of Rome)

Romolo (From Rome)

Romy (From Rome)

Roque (Rest, Rock)

Rosario (Rosary)

Rudolpho (Famous wolf)

Rufino (Red haired)

Ruggero (Famous spear)

Ruggiero (Famous spear)


Sabato (Born on Saturday)

Sabino (Follower of another religion)

Sal (Saviour)

Salvator (Saviour)

Salvatore (Saviour)

Salvatori (Saviour)

Salvatorio (Saviour)

Salvatorre (Saviour)

Samuele (Heard of God)  

Sandro (Defender of mankind)

Sansone (Like the sun)

Santino (Little saint)

Santo (Holy)

Saturnino (To sow)

Saverio (A new house)

Savino (Follower of another religion)

Savio (Clever)

Scevola (Left-handed)

Scirocco (Warm wind)

Sebastiano (From Sebaste)  

Serafino (Burning one, Serpent)

Sergio (Sergeant)

Sesto (Sixth)

Settimio (Seventh)

Severiano (Stern)

Severo (Stern)

Silvano (From the forest)

Silvestro (From the forest)

Silvio (From the forest)

Simone (Hearkening)  

Stefano (Crown)  


Tacito (Mute, Silent)

Taddeo (Courageous, Large-hearted)

Támmaro (Thinks of being famous)

Tancredo (Thought-counsel)

Tazio (King, Ruler)

Tempo (Time)

Teobaldo (People-bold)

Teodoro (God given)  

Teodosio (God given)

Teofilo (Friend of God)

Terenzio (Rub, Twist, Turn)  

Terzo (Third)

Thorello (Young bull)

Tiberio (From the Tiber)

Timoteo (To honour God)

Tino (Little, Small)

Tito (Fire, To burn)

Tiziano (Of the titans)

Tommaso (Twin)  

Tonio (Invaluable)

Tore (Saviour)

Torre (Tower)

Tristano (Bold)

Tulio (Lively)

Tullio (Lively)


Ubaldo (Peace of Mind)

Uberto (Bright heart/spirit)

Ucello (Bird)

Udalrico (Merciful ruler)

Ugo (Heart, Mind, Spirit)

Ulderico (Merciful ruler)

Ulisse (Walker)

Ullivieri (Olive tree)

Umberto (Bright support)

Umfredo (Giant peace)

Urbano (Of the city)

Urso (Bear)

Uso (Intelligent)


Valentino (Healthy, Strong)  

Valeriano (Healthy, Strong)

Valerio (Healthy, Strong)

Vanni (God is gracious)

Vegliantino (The little vigilant one)

Venceslao (More glory)

Vicenzo (Conquering)

Vico (Conquering)

Vincente (Conquering)

Vincenzo (Conquering)  

Vinicio (Vine)

Virgilio (Flourishing)

Vitale (Of life, Vital)

Vito (Life)

Vittore (Conqueror)

Vittorino (Conqueror)

Vittorio (Conqueror)  


Xaviero (A new house)

Xiomar (Famous in battle)


Zan (Clown)

Zanebono (The good one)

Zanipolo (Little gift from God)

Zeno (Gift of Zeus)

Zenzo (Crowned with Laurels)

Zia (Splendour, light)