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If you want more detailed information relating to specific areas of Italy, then we have a selection of links that you should find interesting.

A Place in Abruzzo

This site appears to promote a particular apartment in Abruzzo, but it contains so much other useful information about the area, that it's a valuable resource in itself. Listing events, places to visit, and host to many beautiful photos of Abruzzo, you can quickly develop a feel for the area.

Aosta Valley (

A vast (and at times confusing) site primarily written in Italian, we've linked you straight to the English-language tourism section of the site, where you'll find information on everything from the local wines and cheeses to skiing locations.

Apulia (

Another good link for generally getting a feel for the region, this site has more of a food and cooking slant. I found the website charmingly personal, clearly a labour of love. (as you can see from the personal background given on the "Why the site this" page) Don't miss the sites selection of photos which are hidden away under the "Events" page.

Basilicata (

A well-written textual overview of the Basilicata region. Unfortunately there isn't a lot else to see on this website, since (at the time of writing) the remaining 90% of the site consists of broken links and unfinished pages.

Calabria & Liguria & Trentino-Alto Adige (

Don't be fooled by this sites simple design, there's a wealth of interesting Italy-related content here.

Campania (

A good site for things in Campania, though I found their form-based search feature utterly bewildering.

Emilia-Romagna (

A well designed and easy to use site. It has pages that allow you to search for events by date and accommodation by region.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia (

This is one of the best sites I've seen in terms of quality and ease of use. This site has it all. It seems mostly intent on finding out what kind of vacation you want, and connecting you with the appropriate accomodation package, but even if you're not keen on that idea, there's plenty of articles to stick around for.

Lazio (

I found this site a bit fact-heavy, but the picture gallery is reasonably interesting for the casual user.

Lombardy / All (

Covering all the regions of Italy, this site has some short, well-written reviews that get right to the point. Which is perfect for quickly getting a general taste of each region before settling on where exactly you want to go in Italy.

Marche (

The highlight of this site for me is the 'Live Map', definitely worth checking out if you're interested in visiting Marche.

Molise (

A short guide on tourism in Molise, hosted by an Italian social network.

Piedmont (

Lists hotels and restauraunts (among other things) in the region of Piedmont.

Sardinia (

A fully featured and beautiful website, bursting at the seems with useful tools, information and photos.

Sicily (

An historic and cultural overview of Sicily.

Tuscany (

This site makes it easy to find what you're looking for in Tuscany, well designed and to-the-point.

Umbria (

A good amount of useful information and listings, although I found it a complicated site to navagate.

Veneto (

I was impressed by this sites features, it offers very detailed and specific information on just about everything you'd want to find in Venice. Their search feature works very well, so don't be put off by the complicated-looking web-forms.