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There are 20 regions in Italy

Featured Region: Sicily

You think of Sicily and highlights from The Godfather immediately come to mind. While there is more to Sicily than the movie scenes, you will find that much of the charm and old-world allure of traditional Sicily still exists today. Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island, is a mix of old and new, modern and folk, beauty and ruggedness. Read More...

Italian Regions Quiz

Have you ever found yourself looking at a map of Italy, knowing which county you want to see, but starting your search in entirely the wrong place?


Featured Article: Italian Food 101

Italian food is popular all around the world – and people mainly think of pizza when it comes to Italian food. However, there is a bit more to pizza when it comes to the plates on the tables of Italian families and restaurants. It is also wrong to believe that the people in the South have the same kind of dishes like the people in the North. Read More...

Also in Italy

Featured Article: Business in Italy

Starting a company in Italy takes a long time and is practically impossible to do without some help from a Government body or professional services. An employee costs twice as much as his/her wage, so many people open a 'società' (partnership) and share profits. Read More...