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Abelie (Honeysuckle)

Aberto (Noble)

Abra (Mother of many nations)

Abramo (Father of many)  

Abree (Mother of many nations)

Abri (Mother of many nations)

Abriana (Mother of many nations)

Abrianna (Mother of many nations)

Abrielle (Mother of many nations)

Abrienne (Mother of many nations)

Achile (Embodies grief of the people)

Adalberto (Bright nobility)

Adalgisa (Noble pledge)

Adalgiso (Noble, Precious promise)

Adalina (Little noble)

Adamo (Earth, Red)  

Addolorata (Sorrows)

Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adolfo (Noble wolf)

Adona (My lord)

Adone (My Lord)

Adreana (Dark)

Adriana (Dark)  

Adrianna (Dark)

Adriano (From Hadria)  

Adrienna (Dark)

Aemiliano (Rival, Emulating)

Aemilio (Rival, Emulating)

Aeneas (To praise)

Affonso (Noble and ready)

Agapeto (Beloved)

Agapito (Beloved)

Agata (Good)  

Agnella (Pure)

Agnese (Chaste, Pure)  

Agostina (Venerable)  

Agostino (Venerable)

Aida (Happy)

Airiana (Very holy one)

Alanzo (Ready for battle)

Alba (Scotland)

Alba (Dawn)

Alberico (Elf ruler)

Alberta (Bright nobility)

Albertina (Bright nobility)

Alberto (Bright nobility)  

Albina (White skinned)

Albinia (White skinned)

Albirto (Bright nobility)

Alcee (Strong willed)

Alcie (Strong willed)

Alcina (Strong willed)

Alda (Noble)

Aldo (Little old sword)

Aldobrandino (Little old sword)

Alegra (Joyful)

Alessa (Defender)

Alessandra (Defender of mankind)  

Alessandrina (Defender of mankind)

Alessandrine (Defender of mankind)

Alessandro (Defender of mankind)  

Alessia (Defender)  

Alessio (Defender)

Aletta (Winged)

Alexandra (Defender of mankind)

Alfeo (Elf counsel)

Alfieri (Standard bearer)

Alfio (Elf counsel)  

Alfonsina (Noble and ready)

Alfonso (Noble and ready)

Alfredo (Elf counsel)

Allecra (Lively, Happy)

Allegra (Lively, Happy)

Allegria (Lively, Happy)

Alma (Soul)

Alonso (Noble and ready)

Alonza (Ready for battle)

Alonzo (Noble and ready)

Aloysius (Famous warrior)

Alrigo (Ruler of the estate)

Alvise (Famous warrior)

Amadea (To love God)

Amadeo (God's love)

Amadore (Lover)

Amalea (Hard working)

Amalia (Hard working)  

Amando (Lovable)

Amato (Beloved)

Ambra (Amber)  

Ambrogio (Immortal)

Ambrosi (Immortal)

Amedeo (God's love)

Amerigo (Work, Power)

Aminta (Defender)

Amintore (Defender)

Amo (The eagle rules)

Ampelio (Vine)

Anacleto (Called back, Invoked)

Anastagio (Resurrection)

Anastasio (Resurrection)

Anastasius (Resurrection)

Anatolio (East, Sunrise)

Andino (Manly, Brave)

Andrea (Man, Warrior)  

Andreana (Manly)

Andreina (Manly)

Andria (Love, Joy)

Angel (Messenger of God)

Angela (Messenger of God)  

Angelia (Messenger of God)

Angelica (Messenger of God)  

Angelico (Angelic)

Angelina (Little angel)

Angeline (Little angel)

Angelo (Angel, Messenger)

Angiola (Messenger of God)

Angioletta (Little angel)

Angioletto (Angel, Messenger)

Angiolo (Angel, Messenger)

Aniella (Little lamb)

Aniello (Little lamb)

Anita (Grace)  

Anjelica (Angelic)

Anjelo (Angel, Messenger)

Anna (Gracious)  

Annah (Gracious)

Annalisa (Combination of Anna + Lisa)  

Annetta (Favour, Grace)

Annibale (The grace of the God Ba'al)

Annunciata (Announces)

Annunziata (Announces)

Annuziata (Announces)

Anonciada (Announces)

Anselmo (Divine helmet)

Antioco (Stubborn)

Antonello (Invaluable)

Antonia (Priceless)

Antonietta (Priceless)  

Antonino (Invaluable)

Antonio (Invaluable)  

Antony (Praiseworthy)

Anzia (One armed)

Apollinare (Greek God Apollo)

Arabella (Answered prayer)

Arcangelo (Archangel)

Arduino (Hardy friend)

Aria (Melody)

Ariah (Lion)

Arianna (Very holy one)

Arietta (Melody)

Arlo (Free man)

Armand (Soldier)

Armando (Army man)

Armani (Freeman)

Armani (Free man)

Armanno (Soldier)

Armida (Little armed one)

Armide (Little armed one)

Armino (Soldier)

Armo (Crew)

Armond (Army man)

Armonda (Man in the army)

Arnaldo (Eager power)

Arnaud (Eager power)

Arnoldo (Eager power)  

Aroghetto (Estate ruler)

Aroldo (Army leader)

Aronne (Exalted)

Arrighetto (Estate ruler)

Arrigo (Estate ruler)

Arsenia (Virile)

Arsenio (Virile)

Arturo (Bear man)  

Aryana (Very holy one)

Aryanna (Very holy one)

Assunta (Assumption)

Attilo (Father)

Augustino (Venerable)

Augusto (Venerable)

Aurelio (Golden)

Azzo (From Acca)

Azzolino (From Acca)

Azzurra (Sky blue)


Baiardo (Reddish brown)

Balbina (Stammers)

Baldassare (Ba'al protect the king)

Baldassario (Ba'al protect the king)

Baldovino (Brave friend)

Bambi (Little girl)

Bambina (Little girl)

Bamhi (Little girl)

Baptiste (Named for John the Baptist)

Bartolo (Son of Talmai)

Bartolomeo (Son of Talmai)  

Bartolommeo (Son of Talmai)

Basilio (King)

Battista (Named for John the Baptist)

Battista (To dip, Baptist)

Bautista (Named for John the Baptist)

Bautista (To dip, Baptist)

Beatrice (Brings joy)  

Beatricia (Brings joy)

Beatrix (Brings joy)

Belinda (Beautiful snake)

Bella (My God is a vow)

Belladonna (Beautiful woman)

Bellance (White)

Bellarmine (Beautiful armor)

Bellina (Beautiful)

Bellino (Handsome)

Bellissa (Fair, Lovely one)

Beltrano (Bright raven)

Belvedere (Beautiful to see)

Benedetta (Blessed)

Benedetto (Blessed)  

Benedict (Blessed)

Beniamino (Son of the right hand)

Benigna (Kind)

Benigno (Kind, Benevolent)

Benito (Blessed)

Benvenuto (Well arrived)

Benvolio (Affectionate, Benevolent)

Beppe (He will add)

Berengar (Bear spear)

Bernadetta (Bold as a bear)

Bernardino (Bold as a bear)

Bernardo (Bold as a bear)  

Bertina (Bright nobility)

Bertrando (Brilliant raven)

Betta (My God is a vow)

Bettina (My God is plentiful)

Bettino (Blessed)

Bia (White)

Biaggio (Stutterer)

Biagio (Stutterer)

Biaiardo (Reddish brown)

Bianca (White)

Bianka (White)

Bibiana (Alive)

Bice (Brings joy)

Bionca (White)

Bionda (Blonde)

Blanca (White)

Blandino (Amiable)

Bolonia (A form of Bologna)

Bona (Good)

Bonaventura (Good fortune)

Bonaventure (Good fortune)

Bonfila (Good daughter)

Bonfilia (Good daughter)

Bonfilio (Good son)

Bonifacia (Benefactor)

Bonifacio (Good fate)

Bonito (Goodness)

Bradamante (Wild lover)

Brandi (Fiery beacon)

Brando (Brilliant raven)

Brigida (The exalted one)

Brizio (Craftsman)

Bruna (Dark haired)

Brunela (Armoured warrior woman)

Brunetta (Dark haired)

Brunilda (Armoured warrior woman)

Bruno (Brown haired)

Buonfiglio (Good son)

Byanca (White)


Cadenza (Rhythmic)

Caj (From Caieta)

Cajetan (From Caieta)

Calandra (Skylark)

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Calandre (Skylark)

Calinda (Skylark)

Callisto (Most beautiful)

Calogera (Beautiful elder)

Calogero (Beautiful elder)

Calvina (Little bald one)

Calvino (Little bald one)

Calynda (Skylark)

Camelia (Of a flower)

Cameo (Sculptured jewel)

Camilla (Of a flower)

Camillo (Attendant)

Cannelita (Garden)

Cappi (Lucky)

Caprice (Impulsive, Ruled by whim)

Capricia (Impulsive, Ruled by whim)

Cara (Friend)

Caresa (Embrace)

Carina (Dear little one)  

Carissa (Embrace)

Carlo (Free man)  

Carlotta (Strong)  

Carmela (Garden)  

Carmelo (Fruit orchard)

Carmine (Purplish red)

Carmyne (Garden, Orchard)

Carolina (Strong)  

Cascata (Waterfall)

Caseario (Long haired)

Cason (House)

Catarina (Pure)

Caterina (Pure)  

Cecilio (Blind)

Celestina (Heavenly)

Celia (Heaven)

Celso (High, Lofty)

Cerelia (Fertile)

Cesare (Long haired)

Cesario (Long haired)

Chiara (Clear, Bright)  

Chiarina (Clear, Bright)

Cianna (God is gracious)

Cinzia (Woman from Kynthos)

Cipriana (From Cyprus)

Cipriano (From Cyprus)

Ciriaco (Of the Lord)

Ciro (Like the sun)

Clara (Clear, Bright)  

Clarissa (Clear, Bright)  

Claudio (Lame)

Clemente (Gentle and merciful)  

Coco (Cook)

Colombina (Dove)

Colombo (Dove)

Colonel (Column)

Concetta (Conception)

Concettina (Conception)

Consolata (Consolation)

Constantin (Firm)

Constanza (Constancy, Steadfastness)

Corrado (Sage counselor)

Cosima (Order, Beauty)

Cosimo (Order, Beauty)

Cosmas (Order, Beauty)

Cosmo (Order, Beauty)

Cristiana (Believer, Follower of Christ)

Cristiano (Christian)

Cristoforo (Christ bearer)  

Crocetta (Crucifix, Way of the cross)

Crocifissa (Crucifix, Way of the cross)

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D'Angelo (From the angel)

Dafne (Laurel)

Dahna (Lady)

Dahnya (Lady)

Damiano (One who tames)  

Dani (God will judge)

Daniela (God will judge)  

Daniele (God is my judge)  

Dantae (Enduring)

Dante (Enduring)

Dantel (Enduring)

Dario (Wealthy)  

Daunte (Enduring)

Davide (Beloved)  

Deangela (Angel, Messenger from God)

Deangelo (From the angel)

Debora (Bee)  

Delanna (Soft as wool)

Delfina (Woman from Delphi)

Demetrio (Loves the earth)

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Desi (Longing)

Desideria (Longing)

Desiderio (Longing)

Detta (Short form of name ending with -detta)

Diamante (Diamond)

DiAngelo (From the angel)

Dianora (Divine)

Dino (Little sword)

Dolce (Sweet)

Domenica (Belongs to the lord)

Domenico (Belongs to the lord)

Don (Gift)

Dona (Lady)

Donat (Gift)

Donata (Given by God)

Donatella (Given by God)

Donatello (Gift)

Donati (Gift)

Donatien (Gift)

Donato (Gift)  

Donatus (Gift)

Donielle (Lady)

Donisha (Lady)

Donna (Lady)

Donnalee (Lady)

Donya (Lady)

Donzel (Gift)

Doriano (Of the Dorian tribe)

Dorotea (Gift by God)  

Drago (Dragon)

Drina (From Hadria)

Duilio (War)

Durante (Enduring)


Edda (Contending battle)

Edita (Wealthy)

Editta (Wealthy)

Edmonda (Protector of prosperity)

Edmondo (Protector of prosperity)

Edoardo (Rich guardian)  

Eduardo (Rich guardian)

Edvige (Contending battle)

Efisio (From Ephesus)

Egidio (Young goat)

Egiodeo (Squire)

Elario (Joyful, happy)

Elba (Italian place name)

Elda (God knows)

Elda (Battle)

Eleanora (Light)

Elena (Light)  

Elene (Light)

Elenora (Light)

Eleonora (Light)  

Elettra (Bright, Shining)

Elia (The Lord is my God)  

Eligia (Chosen one)

Eligio (To choose)

Elina (Light)

Eliodoro (Gift of the sun)

Elisa (God is my oath)  

Elisabetta (God is my oath)  

Eliseo (God is salvation)

Elisio (God is salvation)

Elizabetta (God is my oath)

Ellena (Light)

Elletra (Bright, Shining)

Ellisa (God is my oath)

Elma (Helmet, Protection)

Elmo (Helmet)

Elnora (Light)

Eloisa (Hale-wide, Very healthy and sound)

Elysa (God is my oath)

Emanuele (We are with God)

Emesto (Serious)

Emilia (Industrious)  

Emiliana (Rival)

Emiliano (Eager)

Emmanuele (We are with God)

Enea (Born ninth)

Ennio (Favourite of God)

Enric (Head of household)

Enrica (Home ruler)  

Enrichetta (Home ruler)

Enrico (Head of household)  

Enrikos (Head of household)

Enrique (Head of household)

Enzio (Ruler at home)

Enzo (Ruler at home)

Ercole (Splendid gift)

Ermanno (Army man)

Ermete (Of the earth)

Erminia (Of the earth)

Erminio (Of the earth)

Ernesta (Battle, Serious business)

Ernesto (Battle)  

Ersilia (Delicate, Tender)

Esta (From the east)

Estachio (Fruitful)

Este (From the east)

Ettore (Loyal)  

Eufemia (Well I speak)

Eugenio (Well born)  

Eula (Well spoken)

Eulalia (Well spoken)

Eulalio (Well spoken)

Eusebio (Pious)

Eustachio (Fruitful)

Eustorgio (Content)

Eva (Life)  

Evelina (Gives life)

Ezio (Home ruler)

Ezzelin (Little noble one)


Fabia (Bean farmer)

Fabiana (Bean farmer)

Fabio (Bean)

Fabiola (Bean farmer)

Fabrizia (Craftswoman)

Fabrizio (Craftsman)

Fantasia (Fantasy)

Faramundo (Journey protection)

Farfalla (Butterfly)

Fausta (Fortunate)

Faustino (Lucky)

Fausto (Lucky)

Favianna (Hopeful)

Favianne (Hopeful)

Federica (Peaceful ruler)

Federico (Peaceful ruler)  

Feliciana (Fortune, Good luck)

Feliciano (Happy, lucky)

Felicio (Happy, lucky)

Felícita (Fortune, Good luck)

Felisa (Happy, Lucky)

Ferdinanda (Ardent for peace)

Ferdinando (Ardent for peace)  

Fernanda (Ardent for peace)

Ferruccio (Iron)

Fia (Flickering fire)

Fiamma (Flickering fire)

Fiammetta (Flickering fire)

Fidelio (Fidelity)

Filberto (Very bright)

Filiberto (Very bright)

Filipo (Lover of horses)

Filippo (Lover of horses)  

Fillipo (Lover of horses)

Filomena (Friend of ease)  

Filumena (Friend of ease)

Fina (Burning one, Serpent)

Fino (Burning one)

Fiorabla (Flower of dawn)

Fiore (Flower)

Fiore (Flower)

Fiorella (Little flower)

Fiorello (Little flower)

Fiorenza (Blossoming)  

Fiorenzo (Blossoming)

Firmino (Strong, Powerful)

Flavio (Yellow hair)

Florentina (Blossoming)

Florentino (Blossoming)

Floriana (Flower)  

Floriano (Flower)

Fortunata (Fortunate)  

Fortunato (Fortunate)  

Franca (French)

Francesca (French)  

Francesco (French)  

Franco (Free one)  

Frederico (Peaceful ruler)

Frediano (Cold)

Fredo (God's peace)

Fulvia (Yellow)

Fulvio (Yellow)