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Italy 101 | Italian Traditional Dance, Italian Dance Music, Radio Italia, RagioWeb, Top 10 Italian Singers

Traditional Dance

Traditional Italian dances are hard to find in Italy in general. The top three are the tarantella from Puglia, the Sardinian ballu tundu (round dance) and the Neapolitan Saltarello. If you want to dance anywhere that's not a disco, you're best off looking for latin dancing, which is very popular all over Italy and there are plenty of places to learn or just dance the Tango, cha cha, Mumba etc. Also, ballroom dancing is very popular. In general you won't find much folk dancing in the bigger cities but in country towns, or in Southern Italy.


If you want to listen to Italian music on the radio go to For a full list of Italian singers in alphabetical order go to


The top ten Italian singers are:

  1. Vasco Rossi
  2. Eros Ramazzotti
  3. Gigi D'Alessio
  4. Luciano Ligabue
  5. Zucchero
  6. Tiziano Ferro
  7. Biagio Antonacci
  8. Antonello Venditti
  9. Adriano Celentano
  10. Laura Pausini

Modern or pop Italian groups

  1. Subsonica
  2. Fabri Fibra
  3. Caparezza
  4. Gianna Nannini
  5. Elisa
  6. Jovanotti
  7. Negramaro
  8. Max Gazzè
  9. Vasco Rossi
  10. Lunapop